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Blogilaties Shapes the Internet

Recently Cassey Ho, the Youtube fitness sensation, created a video on body images and the way the internet influences your idea of what ‘healthy’ means. With over 2 million subscribers, Cassey has a channel promoting daily fitness and staying healthy. After a almost a year of creating videos, comments started to flow across the internet about the idea of a “perfect body”. As these comments grew more popular, the concept of a perfect body got altered to something almost unrealistic for a healthy teenaged girl.

As a result, this week Cassey Ho came out with a video with no words covering this changed concept. She showed how the internet allows you to change your body and the way you look, but you are never really satisfied. The purpose behind this video was to show young girls that that there is is no general ‘perfect body’ but a body that is healthy and fit in which you feel comfortable. With over 3 million views, this video is going viral as she is hoping to spread the message to all teenage girls.

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