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Light in the Middle East

Amidst the incessant stories about violence and terrorism it is nice to hear that there are still some good stories out there. After not even a year of being established, Operation Good Neighbor – an Israeli organization – has managed to provide aid and medical resources to over 3000 Syrian soldiers and has helped 600…


Skype a Scientist

At a young age, coming from a financially unstable home and attending a school which lacks facilities and resources, can be very demoralizing. Finding a job can seem very far away and professions such as medicine or science seem nearly unreachable. However, Sarah McAnulty, a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, recently established Skype…


Helping Others To help Ourselves?

Two very different campaigns are trending on Social Media platforms right now. The first one #Refugenes, aims to portray refugees in a more positive light by showing how well they have integrated into society. Celebrities like Jamie Cullum and Rita Ora talk about how they are descendants of refugees that fled various war torn countries….


Youth Power Wins in Hong Kong

There were big changes at the recently concluded Hong Kong elections, the first since the Umbrella revolution protests of 2014. There were a number of younger, more radical candidates that won seats. Even some of the young leaders of the Occupy movement such as Nathan Law, that staged the protests in 2014 demanding greater democracy…

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