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Easier to Fire The French?

click Recently, young and newly elected leader Emmanuel Macron decided to change France’s labour laws for the first time in over 30 years. Macron’s government suggested that this is an attempt to revitalize the economy after years of inefficiency which has held the nation back. The government is reforming the Code du Travail tackling unemployment and…


Women or Cows?

beste binaire opties signalen In 2016 alone at least 12 molestations and 6 rapes were reported daily in India. The increasing violence against women has sparked several campagins across the nation. However, one has stood out – Kolkata artist Sujatro Ghosh has taken photos of herself and several other women across India wearing a cow mask. Historically, the Indian…


The UVA Student

go to site In January 2017, an American student from the University of Virginia was detained in North Korea. Otto Warmbier went to North Korea as a tourist and was detained for trying to steal propaganda from his hotel (a hotel poster). These actions were considered hostile and he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour in…


The Heroes of Syria

watch On February 26th, the Oscar for the best documentary went to one based on the White Helmets. The White Helmets,the largest Civil Defense group in war-torn Syria, are unarmed rescue workers who travel to the most volatile area of Syria to help as many people as possible. Regardless of their religion or cultural background, they…


Will Julian Assange Give Himself Up Now?

President Obama just commuted or reduced Chelsea Manning’s judicial sentence from 35 years to 7 years, as she has already served most of this she just has four months to serve. Presidents usually commute a number of sentences towards the end of their term but this is a very controversial commute. Chelsea Manning when she…


Oh Nutella!

On Wednesday Nutella lovers across the world were mortified to learn that their much loved spread contained an ingredient that might be carcinogenic. Nutella is made with processed palm oil which in excessive amounts can be detrimental to your health. Palm oil becomes carcinogenic when processed above 393 degrees as it is with Nutella. As…


US Speaks Out Against Long Time Ally Israel

US, Israel relations have been a little fraught recently. First the US abstained from a Security Council vote denouncing Israeli Settlement construction and so the resolution was passed. This was unusual because the US usually vetoes most resolutions against Israel. Their reason for abstaining is that further Israeli settlement building in disputed places like the…

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