Population Youth / Week 1

Week 1

US Stuck in Afghanistan Again

On Thursday, President Obama announced that he would not be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and US forces would remain at their current levels for most of 2016. Obama has said that the troops will remain training and supporting Afghan forces and by the time he leaves office there will still be 5,500 troops in Afghanistan….

Mrs. Obama Can Help You Get Into College

Each year the college process for a high school student gets more complicated. With teenagers fiercely competing for a spot in some of the top universities, the application process has gotten even more competitive and confusing. Recently Michelle Obama launched a website called BetterMakeRoom.org to tackle this issue. With support from over 20 different organisations…

Fukushima Still Killing People

In October of 2011, doctors in Fukushima, Japan, began testing children’s thyroids for any anomalous results. After a few years of research and lots of testing, doctors in the University of Fukushima have come back saying that children living in the area are around 20-50 times more likely to get thyroid cancer than other children….

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