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Does Hong Kong Have a Say in its Future?

In Hong Kong’s recent elections, where pro-independence candidates did surprisingly well, voters used social media platforms such as Facebook not just to get their information but also to mobilise voters. People in Hong Kong are getting increasingly suspicious of the Mainland’s influence on local TV channels as well as newspapers.

Recently two of the pro-independence candidates who won their elections refused to take the traditional oath and pledge their allegiance to China. This led to great disruption within the legislative Council. While Hong Kong has been waiting to see if the High Court allows these two candidates to take their elected place in the council, Beijing has said it is going to intervene and give its ruling on Hong Kong’s Basic Law. This interference by Beijing led to protests on Sunday by thousands. These protests were dispersed using pepper spray and batons.

Today, Beijing has announced that these two candidates have to stand down and can no longer take office.

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