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Easier to Fire The French?

Recently, young and newly elected leader Emmanuel Macron decided to change France’s labour laws for the first time in over 30 years. Macron’s government suggested that this is an attempt to revitalize the economy after years of inefficiency which has held the nation back. The government is reforming the Code du Travail tackling unemployment and making France more competitive. They are doing this by easing restrictions on relatively smaller companies by allowing more flexibility to hire and fire individuals as these companies employ half of France’s workforce.
Many French unions and members of the work force have had negative feedback in response to these changes. They fear that through these changes the likelihood of unprotected workers being bullied by their bosses is very high. However it has already been confirmed and a three month trial of these changes has been put into place and even Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is in full support of this, calling the reforms “ambitious, balanced and fair”.

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