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Edelweiss Pirates in 2017?

Amid the mayhem in the United States today, we see sparks of hope. As several executive orders have been signed by President Trump after only a few days in office, there have been protests across the nation. It was Holocaust memorial day yesterday and we are able to draw a parallel between the protestors across the United States fighting for what they believe in and small factions such as the Edelweiss Pirates who fought for what they believed in during Nazi Germany. The Edelweiss Pirates were a group of teenagers who refused to join Hitler Youth, the youth arm of the Nazi party. They showed their resistance in public by pinning a small edelweiss flower to their lapels. Rather than protesting violently, they did through music and dance. However, they were seen as a threat by Hitler and as a result several were beaten or even killed.

The idea is not to compare leaders but the importance of speaking up. At a time of fear and loss of hope, it is heartening to see people stand up for what they think is right.

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