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Feed Horses or Write a Song to Pay for College..

A United States College education is one of the most expensive in the world. As a result, in 2014  the average college student spent $36,000 a year on college. The outstanding student loan bill in the same year was 1.16 trillion dollars!

To address this problem President Barack Obama created a set of guidelines that allow more affordable education. This was called the Student Aid Bill of Rights.

When this was introduced, a new start-up called Sponsor Change began to address the affordability issue with an interesting initiative. As a result of the debt burden of college students volunteer-ism had been dropping – students can’t afford to work for free. Sponsorchange.org came up with the unique idea that students could volunteer in a sector they were interested in and would get some of their college expenses paid. Sponsor Change would ask citizen philanthropists to contribute to a cause they liked and would ask volunteer organisations to post their positions on the site. So by matching volunteer organisations, students and philanthropists they have been trying to help students pay off their loans and benefit society at large with more volunteer-ism.

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