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Fukushima Still Killing People

In October of 2011, doctors in Fukushima, Japan, began testing children’s thyroids for any anomalous results. After a few years of research and lots of testing, doctors in the University of Fukushima have come back saying that children living in the area are around 20-50 times more likely to get thyroid cancer than other children. Scientists have found that there is a direct link between radiation and thyroid defects and after testing around 370,000 children that live in the area, they have found that 137 of them have come back positive with thyroid cancer. This cancer can be fatal, though when caught at an early stage can be treated with medication.
Fukushima was the site of the nuclear disaster in 2011, when a tsunami caused an energy accident in the nuclear power plant. There were nearly 19,000 deaths as a result of the tsunami and the earthquake, however very few of them at that were directly attributed to the nuclear meltdown.

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  1. October 22, 2015 @ 3:19 pm Miel

    So glad to see that Population: Youth continues to follow up on issues that a lot of the media have discarded as more ‘newsworthy’ things happen. This story is a devastatingly sad one, and worth publicising for years to come. Hope people think of the Fukushima kids as they plan for the future of nuclear plants, particularly in places like Jaitapur in coastal Maharashtra, a seismic zone where the Indian government proposes to build the world’s largest nuclear power plant.


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