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Iran Deal, Senator Cotton and Miley Cyrus

A deal was partially agreed on for the future shape of Iran’s nuclear program this week. Iran will reduce it’s uranium enrichment capacity in exchange for a drop in sanctions. The agreement was reached following an eight-day discussion between the European Union, the United States and Iran. The deal is being closely watched by President. Obama, “If Iran cheats, the world will know it,” he said, adding that the deal was based not on trust but on “unprecedented verification”.

A short while ago, 47 Republican Senators under Senator Cotton sent a letter to the leader of Iran asking him not to trust the President of the United States and not to go ahead with the deal on Iran. This understandably, led to great anger within the Obama government. This seemed to also set off  pop sensation Miley Cyrus who began to ‘troll’ Senator Cotton on different types of social media.


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