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Israel Palestine Conflict

This conflict, which has now been going on for a century, is over a piece of land 10,000 square miles near the Mediterranean Sea. Some believe that a number of disagreements in the world today have their roots in this conflict.

1250BC Israelites Began to Conquer- During this time the Israeli Kingdom expanded from Egypt and into Canaan. The rulers of this region were Philistines and they had controlled this area for nearly 150 years. Many called the area ‘Land of the Philistines, and this is where the name Palestine is derived from.

950BC Israelites Take Control- This is when the Jewish tribes took control over the land and two states were created, Israel and Judah.

1912 Ottoman Empire in Control- During this time the Ottoman Empire was in control of this region. Other than the Crusades (1095-1291) this area remained mainly muslim till the fall of the Ottoman Empire. They were in control from 1516 to 1917.

1916-1917 End of the Ottoman Empire- After WW1 British gained control over Palestine. The British had promised the Arabs the area under the Ottoman Empire. Separately Britain under the Balfour Agreement decided to establish Palestine as a nation for the Jewish people. This began to lead to violent conflict and violence.

1947 Britain leaves and Area is Handed to UN – The British leave and hand over responsibility of the region to the United Nations. The UN suggest that Palestine be divided in to both Arab and Jewish States. The Jewish people agree to this, but the Arabs do not as they believe that it is their land.

1948 Israel is Independent- The proposal goes through anyway and the first Jewish state in 2,000 years is created, Israel. The day is remembered differently by Palestinians as they decided to invade the newly formed Israel alongside Egypt, Iraq and a few other nations and Israel was supported by the UN and 55 other nations. Therefore remained firm and won.

1948-1949 An Agreement- This loss led to the Arab nations along with the Israel signing an armistice which stated that 78 percent of Palestine now belonged to Israel. This resulted in thousands of Palestinian Arab Refugees.

1967 Six Day War- From the 5th of June till the 11th, the two nations were in conflict again. Israel took control over several parts of Palestine and Egypt with their superior military equipment. They won this war and this resulted in them gaining twice as much land as they had.

1973 Yom Kippur War- On Israels national holiday, Syria and Egypt launched missiles on Israel. This conflict only lasted a few days as Israel was able to quickly retaliate and win.

1987 Palestine Intifada- A civil disobedience movement started in the Gaza strip and spread to the West Bank against the Israel Occupation. Intifada literally means ‘shake it off’ in Arabic. Israeli forces responded leaving several Palestinians dead. These clashes lasted until 1993.

1993 Oslo Recognition- Both Israel and the PLO sign a treaty allowing both of them recognition over governing bodies. This is when the West bank was divided into three major sections, one belonging to the PLO, one belonging to Israel and one which is controlled by both.

1994 New Leader of PLO- Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza to lead the PLO

2000 Second Intifada- After a while the Israel Army move away from Lebanon. At this time there was a summit with the President of the United States, Prime Minister of Israel, and the Chairman of the Palestine Authority. It was called the Camp David Summit which tried to get both parties agree on a settlement. However, this failed and lead to more violence.

2005 Gaza- Israel begins to pull out of the Gaza Strip. They also release 400 Palestinian prisoners some severely injured. This leads to a strong reaction in Gaza and U.S. Secretary of State visits the region.

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