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Last of Ebola

The fatal virus which wiped out more than 9,000 people in the last year is slowly dying out. Yesterday after a ceremony in Liberia’s capital, their last patient with Ebola was discharged. Marking a huge milestone within West Africa. Officials stated that the epidemic which killed more than 10,000 people within Liberia just five months ago, is no longer active within the country; it is now Ebola free. “It was touching, it was pleasing,” said the deputy health minister Tolbert Nyenswah in charge of Liberia’s fight against Ebola, during the ceremony. The country will be officially declared free of Ebola on April 4th which is 42 days after the last infection was announced. This virus is still claiming lives in Sierra Leone and Guinea, but the World Health Organisation has just begun large scale trials of the Ebola vaccine.

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  1. March 9, 2015 @ 11:21 am Belle

    It’s great to hear about the elimination of the virus, especially in a country that suffered so dreadfully.


  2. March 9, 2015 @ 11:28 am Conor Spangfort

    Hopefully the epidemic won’t resurface anywhere else in the world, comforting to hear that it’s now non-existent in Africa.


  3. March 9, 2015 @ 11:32 am Conor

    Comforting to hear that the virus is now non-existent in Africa, hopefully it won’t resurface again.


  4. December 15, 2016 @ 3:06 am Stella

    Good to see a taenlt at work. I can’t match that.


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