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Light in the Middle East

Amidst the incessant stories about violence and terrorism it is nice to hear that there are still some good stories out there.

After not even a year of being established, Operation Good Neighbor – an Israeli organization – has managed to provide aid and medical resources to over 3000 Syrian soldiers and has helped 600 children with near fatal diseases. Considering the geopolitical tensions with Israel in the Middle East it is even more astonishing to hear that several Syrians have been permitted to seek medical attention in Israel and considerable amount of medical resources and food supplies have been sent the other way. This is a big step from Israel’s previous policy of only providing ad hoc hospitalization to war victims. Leaders of the organization along with a few other political leaders said that they were not willing to sit by anymore and watch the horrors being inflicted on the Syrian people and humanitarian intervention was necessary.
There has been some suspicion that the organization has been helping Syrian jihadists. However this has been very firmly denied as the organization’s role is purely humanitarian.

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