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Missiles, Assassinations – What Next North Korea?

Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was poisoned at a Malaysian airport. Two women caught on CCTV are thought to be behind this ‘spy-story’ like assassination. With the letters ‘LOL’ written on one of their shirts, the motive behind the murder is not clear. Kim was on his way to visit his family when he was poisoned. He went to a flight desk to ask for help and died on his way to the hospital.
At the moment there is only speculation as to whether on not North Korea was involved in the attack, but Kim Jong-un insists that the two brothers had never met before. However Kim Jong-nam did mention to a Japanese reporter that he did not feel his brother was capable of leading a country. Therefore, this challenge of power could be what triggered his death and if it was Kim who was responsible, then this kind of irrational almost paranoid behavior, leaves the world fearful of what could come next. An example of which could be the recent North Korean ballistic missile test which was condemned by most of the world including both China and Russia.

The interesting thing is that as North Korea is sealed off to the world, people in that nation would not have heard of this assassination of ‘Dear Leader’s’ eldest son. However, South Korea has massive loudspeakers on the border and they have been blasting this news.

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