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Netanyahu Comes for a Visit

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel addressed the U.S. Congress this week. In his speech, Netanyahu criticised the proposed deal between Iran and the United States and said that Iran was a threat to the whole world. The United States has been in negotiations with Iran to halt their nuclear program. After limited success with sanctions the Obama government has been trying to negotiate a deal.

Netanyahu came hoping to increase his popularity as he is running for election on March 17th in Israel. Though, by the end of the speech in a poll in Israel, 90% of  voters said his speech failed to inspire them at all. Obama’s reaction to the criticism was that Netanyahu did not offer a viable alternative and that there was no final deal that had been agreed to, therefore it was too early to criticise.


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  1. March 9, 2015 @ 10:47 am YuXin

    The world is a crazy place! Hope for a peaceful outcome between the United States and Iran.


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