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No Poppy If You Play Football

As Remembrance Day is approaching this year, many are wearing poppies to commemorate the millions of people who lost their lives in war. Many, except those who participate in FIFA tournaments. The football organisation has come out to say that wearing a poppy whilst playing is banned. Through history, FIFA has banned any sort of political symbol from being worn as it states in its regulations that, ‘equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images’. This decision has resulted in outrage from several organisations across the United Kingdom as many argue that it is not a political symbol but rather one of peace and respect. As a result, an open letter from the Royal British Legion was written and released to FIFA and negotiations are currently in process.

The poppy flower grows on disturbed land and after World War One battlefields were covered with poppies and therefore they became a symbol of remembrance. Some of FIFA’s objection lies with the fact that if they allow Britain to commemorate its wars how can they stop other countries from doing so. There are also some within the UK who choose not to wear a poppy as they do not support all the wars Britain has been in.

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