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Plants Feel Pain and Poison Their Predators

The University of Missouri recently conducted a study which suggested that plants can sense when they are being eaten, and do not like it. The study was conducted on a plant similar to kale and broccoli, in which caterpillars were closely monitored as they fed on plants. It was observed that as the insects ate the leaves, the plant released a form of mustard oil which is mildly toxic, to scare of all predators. Plants detect the auditory vibrations animals make when feeding on them and in response to the clash of natural vibrations they face versus the feeding vibrations, the mustard toxin is secreted.
As mentioned earlier, this mustard oil is only very mildly toxic and therefore has never been truly observed or noticed as an issue until now. `
This study challenges the very basis of a plant based diet undertaken so as not to cause pain.

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  1. June 26, 2017 @ 10:20 pm Tara

    I am not surprised to learn about this! Trees communicate with each other… they share carbon, the trade nutrients… basically, they are alive, and act like it 🙂 Now, I am not sure they feel pain the way we do, lacking a central nervous system that we understand…. but even if they do, there are PLENTY of good reasons for a plant based diet that remain! For example, the green house gases from factory farming ( at least 15% of GHG come from animal agriculture, same as the transport sector) and antibiotic resistance in humans… not to mention all kinds of studies about the co-relation between cancer and the consumption of meat and dairy… so, even he/she/it/they don’t like it, I will be eating kale 😀 Great piece Population Youth! Keep it coming 🙂


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