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SAT – Not A Fair Test

Each year, hundreds and thousands of high school students sit down to take the SAT or the ACT in hopes of getting into a good university. This score, though not the only determinant, plays a very important role in a student’s chance of admission.
Recently, it has been calculated that those who take over to 6-8 hours of coaching are able to improve their scores by 90 points and those who take over 20 hours of coaching are able to improve their scores by exactly 115 points on the SAT. This direct relationship between the amount of tutoring one receives and the kind of score a student is getting once again stresses the flaws with not only this test but the US college admission process. It shows that those of a low socio-economic background would find it exponentially harder to succeed at this type of test as they would not have access to such tutors – thus further emphasizing the lack of social-mobility in the United States.

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