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Shut Off the K-Pop or We Go To War

On Thursday night, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un had a meeting in which he ordered his troops to go on a “semi-war” state with South Korea. The two Koreas have actually been at war for nearly 65 years, as their last war in the fifties did not end with a peace treaty. But this provocation has come after nearly five years of relative calm.

This declaration of war was a reaction to loudspeakers in the South blasting, what the North feels is, propaganda against them. Despite repeated warnings from North Korea, South Korea has not removed its loudspeakers that are placed right near the border with the North.What these loudspeakers project is usually South Korean pop music and news. However, most North Koreans are so isolated from the world that what is being is blasted from the speakers is revelatory for them. North Koreans who have defected in the past to South Korea have said that these messages were one of the reasons some of them defected.

North Korea has often used threats to get their way before, but they stated that action will be taken if the speakers are not silenced by 5pm on Saturday. Mr. Kim has already ordered troops to be ready for any military action if needed and as retaliation speakers around North Korea have been put up stating that what has been heard by the South Korean speakers are completely out of date and incorrect.

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  1. September 5, 2015 @ 8:46 am Jay

    Wow this intense


  2. December 14, 2016 @ 1:18 am Kaylee

    Mau.hki…ate volaste la barda! Nos diste en la cabezota a varios, y no solo por la parte financiera, bien dices que las emociones nos muestran muchas cosas… en todas las areas….no siempre la del dinero es la mas importante, pero si esta involucrada en todas.Gracias


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