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Skype a Scientist

At a young age, coming from a financially unstable home and attending a school which lacks facilities and resources, can be very demoralizing. Finding a job can seem very far away and professions such as medicine or science seem nearly unreachable. However, Sarah McAnulty, a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, recently established Skype a Scientist. This organization works to promote all fields of science and educate younger children about what the job entails. The project has managed to reach over 800 classrooms in over 28 countries. It works in a way that the teacher can select which type of scientist to present to the class. Then, this scientist calls the class and explains their area of study and what it is like to be in their position to the students. These can be continuous conversations, or can be a one off thing.
McAnulty says that she tries to get scientists who came from underprivileged backgrounds so the children who are being taught can learn from someone who they are able to relate to more and see someone like them transcend class through education.

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