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The Heroes of Syria

On February 26th, the Oscar for the best documentary went to one based on the White Helmets. The White Helmets,the largest Civil Defense group in war-torn Syria, are unarmed rescue workers who travel to the most volatile area of Syria to help as many people as possible. Regardless of their religion or cultural background, they try to provide public services and protection to a nation has been at war for nearly five years. Their acts are truly commendable and they have saved over 78,529 lives while risking their own.

Netflix produced a documentary on them and when they received the award on Sunday only two of the three cinematographers were present. The third was refused access on a Turkish Airlines flight to Los Angeles. Homeland Security stated that he had not provided the right documentation, however it later came out to say that there was derogatory information discovered about him. It is still unclear as to why he was not able to enter, but the two accepted the award on his behalf.

The White Helmets, former tailors, bakers, gardeners are sometimes the only humanitarian organisation in certain parts of Syria. They narrowly missed out on a Nobel Peace prize recently. When asked how people could help them, they said that best thing the world could do for them was to end the strife in Syria – as they don’t want to do this anymore.

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