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The People of Aleppo Need Our Help

An image of an injured Syrian boy from Aleppo sitting in an ambulance was circulating on social media this week. It was hoped that this image of the Siege of Aleppo and the terrible human misery it is resulting in, would bring attention to the cause as it did with another Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi, who died while his parents were trying to escape the horrors of Syria by boat. Today all exits to the city of Aleppo are closed. The only way out is a dangerous sea journey. Aleppo is in its fifth year of war. Nearly 18,000 civilians have been killed of which nearly 4,500 have been children. The city is divided into rebel held territory and territory controlled by the government of Assad. Bashar al Assad’s forces are being helped by the Russian government that recently used Iranian airbases to launch attacks on Aleppo.

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