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The UVA Student

In January 2017, an American student from the University of Virginia was detained in North Korea. Otto Warmbier went to North Korea as a tourist and was detained for trying to steal propaganda from his hotel (a hotel poster). These actions were considered hostile and he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour in North Korea. Otto was one of the 16 Americans detained in North Korea since 1996 with 3 still remaining in custody.
In response to his arrest, the United States tried desperately to get North Korea to release him. As a result, the college student was released on June 13th 2017. However, when he returned to America, it was nowhere near the same state he left it in.
Otto returned in a coma after having faced brutality and severe neurological injuries. He died 6 days after his arrival home. After his death, North Korea said that Otto contracted botulism after taking bad sleeping pills causing his illness. However, the severenes and type of injuries he faced led the family and US officials to believe otherwise. North Korea responded to this suggestion by stating that he was giving the correct medical treatment and put in a good facility even though he was a “criminal to the state”. However none of this can be verified and this incident has only increased the tension between both nations.

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