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US Speaks Out Against Long Time Ally Israel

US, Israel relations have been a little fraught recently. First the US abstained from a Security Council vote denouncing Israeli Settlement construction and so the resolution was passed. This was unusual because the US usually vetoes most resolutions against Israel. Their reason for abstaining is that further Israeli settlement building in disputed places like the West Bank and East Jerusalem are a threat to the two state solution advocated by the US.

This was followed a week later by an hour long speech by US Secretary of State John Kerry on Israel, Palestine and what the US feels needs to be done for the two-state solution to be implemented. To an extent he was trying to explain why the US chose to abstain on the vote saying that if the US did not intervene any possibility of a two-state solution seemed impossible. The speech was criticised by incoming Trump administration as well as the Conservative British Prime Minister Theresa May as being very harsh on Israel.

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  1. January 9, 2017 @ 9:12 pm Elias Buurma

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