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What is the European Migrant Crisis?

Over the last couple of months thousands of migrants have been fleeing their countries to come and seek asylum in Europe. The majority of these migrants are from Syria,fleeing a civil war. While  others are from countries such as Mali and Eritrea (dictatorship). Since January over 350,000 migrants have come hoping to get the protection they need. The majority of them fall under the category of a refugee and so are allowed legal protection by other countries.

A number of refugees, lacking other options have used people smugglers to get to Europe which is extremely dangerous. As a result more than 2,500 migrants have died trying to seek help. Since many migrants are arriving via the Mediterranean Sea, they are landing up in countries such as Italy which are located in Southern Europe. There is a rule that once a refugee leaves their home, the first country they arrive in, must be the country where they seek asylum. Refugees thus arriving in Greece and Italy are keen to immediately make it to Northern European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and Austria either because these are English speaking countries or have kinder policies towards refugees.

The majority of countries have been very accepting such as Germany and Turkey who are spending thousands of dollars to fund the refugees. Though other nations such as the United Kingdom have been skeptical about the influx of refugees till now.

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