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Will Solar Save Mankind

On March 9th, a solar powered plane landed in Oman. This plane is attempting to fly around the world without using a drop of fuel. It is a five month long trip and intends to highlight the importance of renewable energy. The people aboard the aircraft are a Swiss fighter pilot/engineer and a psychiatrist/balloonist who have spent 12 years developing this.

While in Tokyo, scientists have discovered a way to transmit electric power wirelessly using microwaves. In an experiment conducted last week in Hyogo, researchers were able to change 1.8 kilowatts of electricity into microwaves and then transmit it to a receiver 55 meters away. This concept can be used in space based solar power generation as sunlight collected via solar panels on satellites is transmitted to receivers on earth. When implemented, the solar satellites would be around 35,000 kilometres from earth which means that their practical use would probably be available in 2030.

Both of these events are leading us to a more eco friendly and renewable way of living. These events, small steps now, could revolutionise our sources of energy and even the future of mankind.

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